Friday, November 21, 2008

North American Travel

David Mason shot some Super 8 Kodak 7217 while touring with James Hunter in the States and Canada in 2007. Digital transfer by FrameDiscreet in Toronto, they always do really great telecine and color correction work.

Bunker Studio Commercial

A short tour of The Bunker Studio. Shot on Tri-X, pushed one stop, using a Nizo wide angle lens on a Beaulieu ZM4008. Transferred by DiJiFi, a great local small format transfer house in NYC.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Natalie Walker Tour Footage

Our cinematographer David Mason was out on tour with Natalie Walker in April, shot some S8 in LA and at the Vail Film Festival...

Spielerfrau Music Videos

Music videos produced for Spielerfrau's "The Sad Part" in 2006.
"ALT" (super 8) shot on location in NYC.
"Stalinistka" (16mm/super 8) shot on location in Moscow/St.Petersburg and at the Bunker Studio in NYC.
Cameras: Nikon Super Zoom 8x/Krasnogorsk 3
Transfer: FrameDiscreet

"Photographers" production completed

We finished shooting "Photographers", our newest super 8 short, on October 31st. Shot on kodak vision 2 negative film, it incorporates extensive polaroid and 35mm still photography and explores a woman's personal obsession with photographic images. Will post some super 8 stills as soon as it comes back from telecine at FrameDiscreet in Toronto....